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Poll - extra time
♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2
cinnamonstreet wrote in greys20in20
We have only three gorgeous entries for this round so far. Due to the Christmas Holiday, do you want extra time to sign-up and/or complete your batch?

Do you want extra time to complete your batch?

Yes, please
No, thanks
No, thanks. I'm not interested anymore in this community

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I'm getting my icons done, but I had finals last week so that put me behind. Extra time would be lovely!

if i vote for yes, does this mean i could still sign up and take part in this challenge because that would great!

Yes of course! You are more than welcome if you want to partecipate sweetie :)

quick question: do i need to sign up? and when are the icons due?

Sorry for the LATEST reply ever.. I have idea to extend this round until the end of this month, so you could sign up and enter your icons :)

don't worry. better late than never ;P
i will sign up right away!

You too are more than welcome if you want to partecipate so sign-up! :)

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